Fleet Management Systems

Our software and solutions are a result of diligent work of our navigation, mapping, tracking and firmware engineers.

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About Mireo

Mireo specializes in telematic, navigation and geoinformation technology. We provide solutions and products for businesses and consumers alike.

DON’T PANIC is our GPS navigation app for smartphones. It’s available in the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and BlackBerry App World.

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The Mireo DON’T PANIC Facebook page is for everyone who wants to talk about DON’T PANIC and GPS navigation in general. We’ll try to answer all of your questions and use your feedback to continually develop and improve our app.

Telematics Fleet Management Solution

Telematics Solutions

ireoFleet is among the most precise and reliable AVL solutions available to global customers today. In addition to our extensive and lengthy history of AVL support in Croatia and the Southern European region, we have made substantial inroads into the Indian and UK AVL markets through our white label solutions.

Our world-class software solution is the product of the dedicated work of our navigation, mapping, tracking and firmware engineers, who have over a century of collective experience in these fields.

Unique Features

The main reason customers choose our solution is:

  • Industry-leading tracking precision (more than 99% per kilometers/miles driven as opposed to the acceptable industry standard of 92%  )
  • System availability is greater than 99% in areas with good GPRS coverage
  • Poor response time
  • System failure
  • Sluggishness in the presentation of real-time data
  • The inability to archive large amounts of data for lengthy time intervals

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