Remote Angel Fleet

Your Fleet is in Good Wings

Remote Angel is a telematics Project for Fleet and Asset Management

About Macnil Gruppo Zucchetti

Macnil Gruppo Zucchetti is an Italian first tier company of Information Technology, electronics and telecommunications company, specializing in M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) projects development. Macnil Zucchetti Group integrates wireless / web systems and remote control in areas of Automotive, Telematics, E-Health and Digital Mobile Marketing: for creating, publishing and measuring landing pages on social network and smartphone.

The company develops software applications in SaaS mode (Software as a Service) with remote access through web browser and Apps.
In 2014 Macnil became part of Zucchetti Group for increasing its range of products and services and to grow even more in its target markets.

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Our history began when an IT man met an Electronic TLC Engineering woman.
Both of them were fixed on capitalizing their experience, their know-how for realizing several IT products, through the application of known technologies for satisfy common needs.

Hence, the Macnil Zucchetti team is born for creating a technological district in Southern Italy through the cooperation of business sectors specialized firms, sharing the common mission of offering IT excellent products and services through a well-defined sales network of resellers and distributors globally.

Telematics Solution

Remote Angel Fleet

Fleet Management and GPS tracking System

Remote Angel Fleet make you saving Business Management costs (optimizing stop point and working time), fines (thanks to speed-control and routes), fuel consumption (thanks to mileage calculation), insurance (up to 80% discounts on fire insurance and theft). Remote Angel Fleet is your strategic partner to improve productivity of your business.

Remote Angel Fleet is a GPS Asset Tracking for Business Fleet Management and Control which gives you all the information needed to manage your Professional Fleet from your PC, smart-phone and tablet anytime.

gain in terms of efficiency and corporate identity,
ensure high quality of services offered to your customers with real-time control in case of dangers.
Safety of people and employees, with the possibility to help them promptly in case of fire/stealing

Remote Angel Cargo

Freight Management and Control

Remote Angel Cargo is robust and water protected design thanks to IP69K protection class suitable for any weather conditions (from – 30°C to + 75 °C). Easy installation enabled by integrated antennas: GSM/GPRS and highly sensitive GPS receiver technology.
Integrated battery with capacity from 12,6 Ah, dimensions 230x130x41 mm with 550 grams of weight.

Remote Angel Cargo is an asset tracking device used to reliably track large valuable assets such as containers, swap bodies, freight wagons and heavy duty equipment.

• Tracking your container, swap body, freight wagons for more than 8 years and a half
• Security application for monitoring your cargo on 3D maps
• Improve supply chain visibility for your customer with datasheet and reports

Remote Angel Power

Remote Angel Power allows you storing all the daily movements data registered form the device, it traces your routes available on map online via PC, tablet or Smartphone. You can activate the service SOS Alarm, pressing the red button, the device sends on your phone and on that of other contacts a preset SMS with full address of the position.

Remote Power Angel is small sized, very simple and compact design (dimension 57x38x19 mm), it is equipped with Internal Antenna GSM / GPRS QuadBand technology with high-sensitivity GPS and internal LiPo Battery with extremely long duration.

Allows you to ensure the safety of Sport People, Children, Old People, Workers, Detectives, Animals, Pets, Bikes, Motorcycles and Goods.


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