EMIXIS – Securysat Fleet & Asset Management Solution

Emixis geolocation systems and real-time monitoring

Operating under the Securysat brand, Emixis is a Belgian leader in the field of Telematics Fleet and Asset Management Solutions,

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About Emixis

Emixis develops and commercializes innovative hardware and software solutions to help companies manage vehicles, moving assets as well as field service forces.

Our solutions, available in the form of SaaS, are sold in Europe and Africa via a network of resellers and systems integrators.

Established in Haren (Brussels), we develop and manufacture our solutions in our own facilities.

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EMIXIS aims at becoming the preferred supplier of innovative telematics solutions for reducing costs, increasing efficiency and reducing the ecological footprint for companies with fleets of vehicles and moving assets and/or field service forces.

We focus on the construction, technical services, rental, temperature-controlled supply chain, cleaning and personal care sectors.

We nurture and develop a network of competent distributors to reach large and medium-sized companies internationally, as well as SMEs and individuals domestically, while serving directly large domestic customers.

Telematics Fleet Management Solution

Telematics Solutions

The Securysat solution consists of three components: user interface, platform and equipment.

The user interface allows you to visualize the data collected by the equipment through the platform.  Thanks to its simple and user-friendly web or mobile interface, you manage your fleet and mobile resources more effectively.

The equipment, composed of Securysat GPS beacons and accessories, allows you to locate your fleet in real-time, get vehicle usage and journey reports, set specific alerts and ensure your fleet security.

Unique Features
  • Securysat products and services are developed and manufactured by Emixis in Belgium.
  • We offer a complete range of GPS beacons and accessories, such as fuel tracker, driver and passengers identification, eco drive module, temperature-gauge, RFID receiver… to fulfill our clients’ sophisticated needs
  • Our Securysat Platform delivers full functionality combined with security, reliability and development.
  • Its functionality extends easily via webservices allowing development of additional functionalities to address more specific requirements and automatic data integration into a company’s ERP system.

Rue du Bassin Collecteur, 3
B-1130 Haren (Brussels)

+32 2 241 41 42