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European Telematics Service Provider

The FleetGO approach makes end-to-end proprietary telematics systems a thing of the past.

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About FleetGO

FleetGO is a leading, fast-growing European telematics company. Their headquarters is located in The Netherlands and they have sales offices in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK.

They provide end-to-end solutions that are used for Tachograph Download & File Management, Tachograph Data Analysis, Driving Time Management, Driver Behaviour Monitoring, Fuel Usage and Real-time GPS Tracking. All of which provide significant improvements in efficiency, reduction in costs and the minimalization of risks.

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We have a strong focus on innovation and R&D and like to explore new technologies and solutions. For our partners, we also provide our technology, software and network as a turnkey (OEM-)solution as well as powerful and agile centralized base platform for building  targeted telematics applications and services.

Telematics Fleet Management Solution

Telematics Solution

The FleetGO platform is a flexible and scalable telematics platform with a complete and proven range of telematics services for different objects from light vehicles to heavy trucks and machinery:

  •  Triplog
  •  GPS Tracking
  •  Driver Behavior Monitoring
  •  Remote Tacho Download
  •  FMS Analysis
  •  Remote Diagnostics
  •  Fleet Management
  •  REST API for raw data
Unique Features

Telematics Platform
High-end telematics and flexible platform with proven solutions for businesses. Works with different brands of (European) hardware suppliers.

UDS Remote Diagnostics
Complete infrastructure to retrieve and analyze vehicle health with remote diagnostics data like DTC’s, PID’s, MIL, Condition Based Service etc.

Remote Tacho Download
We´ve developed a universal, cost effective and easy to install solution for downloading tachograph files.  This solution also has a unique combination with the FMS data of the vehicle.

FMS Analysis
Unique and cost effective system for analysis of the standard truck FMS data. Unique combination with our Remote Tacho Download solution.


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