Business Case


Ewals Cargo Care


Ewals Cargo Care is a major transport and logistics provider in the Netherlands and well known transport brand throughout Europe. Their control over fuel consumption has been based on a comparison between the amount of litres used (data from invoices) with information from on-board computers, providing both mileage and consumption.

The results never tied up, and there seemed no way to reconcile the differences. Where there was a significant difference, there was the suspicion of theft, but with small differences it was difficult to identify any reason.

The Solution

With a fleet of 400 vehicles, the differences were resulting in huge financial losses, and prompted Ewals Cargo Care to find a solution for tighter control over fuel economy. After 1.5 years of testing, it turned out that frameLOGIC was the solution to deliver the reliable means of control. FC.framelogic works with fuel probes, installed in the tank.

They measure the fuel level with an accuracy of 1.5% of tank capacity under standard road conditions. The results are subsequently checked and confirmed by dedicated analysts. Therefore, the system efficiently detects losses down to 15-20 l., in scope of fuel consumption, refuelling, and thefts.


  • FC.frameLOGIC proved its high value during 1,5-years long tests in different conditions, on different roads, and with different freights.
  • The system is going to be implemented within the fleet, in parts of 100 vehicles
  • Full knowledge and total control over fuel economy in Ewals Cargo Care
  • Confirmed information about fuel thefts and other irregularities
  • Useful analytic reports prepared regularly by dedicated frameLOGIC analysts

“frameLOGIC is a missing link in fight with fuel thefts. Until now, we have operated only on CAN-Bus information, but it was just approximate estimation. Right now, we receive hard data which allow us efficiently detect and fight diesel irregularities.

The benefits of
FC.frameLOGIC were so significant we decided to deploy it, despite we already use other telematics solutions. I am proud that Ewals was pioneer firm in the Netherlands to implement such innovative tool. Highly recommended!

Joep Everts, Operations Manager, Ewals Cargo Care B.V.