Business Case


Comune di Roma


The Comune di Roma embarked in an extensive project spearheaded by Selex (Finmeccanica Group) and Telecom Italia to implement a TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) secure network across its territory. This new multi-radio network uses digital technology to access the position and status of every officer and vehicle deployed throughout Rome. This system is essential to ensure public safety and deploy emergency services throughout Rome.

Loqus was contracted to provide software, deployed in municipal police stations across Rome that enables operators to track police agents in real time and precisely locate incidents. Loqus also provided specialised tools to assign the most suitable resources to each incident while improving efficiency and reducing transit times.

The challenge

Loqus has successfully deployed its latest generation tracking, command and control system to manage approximately 7,000 handheld devices and vehicular communication devices operated by the municipal police (Vigili) of the Comune di Roma.

Loqus applied its experience in tracking, dispatch and local enforcement systems to ensure that their dynamic allocation solution provided secure, seamless integration in a complex multi-vendor environment.

The Solution

The solution provided by Loqus employs the latest technology to provide users with an HTML5 web-based, front end user interface that can run on practically any combination of browsers and PCs, tablets or smartphones. The solution was interfaced with ESRI mapping technology and also natively supports Google Maps and Bing (Microsoft) Maps.

The scalable architecture of Loqus’ solution leverages multiple server virtualization, redundant sites and parallel distributed computing services which increases reliability and performance while reducing single points of failure.

The municipal police of the Comune di Roma is now actively using Loqus latest generation system to track police agents in real time and precisely locate incidents.