Business Case Clearabee


Clearabee is a waste removal company specialising in ‘out-size’ and bulky waste streams. They serve businesses and households across the Midlands, SW London and the South of England. They operate a fleet of specialist waste removal trucks with two person truck teams doing all the loading.

Wherever possible, they seek to re-use and recycle and always provide a Waste Transfer Note. Clearabee as a business, strives to provide a modern, transparent and efficient rubbish removal service without the hassle.

Enabling Rapid Growth

When it started trading in January 2013, revolutionary waste removal firm Clearabee did so with just three people, one truck and an unproven idea to provide eco-friendly and cost-effective waste clearance services across the Midlands. Just six months later, it had five trucks, quadrupled its workforce and is on course to deliver more than £1 million in sales over the next year.

The fast growing small business credits BigChange’s JobWatch mobile workforce management technology as being vital to its early success. “Anyone can manage two trucks on pen and paper, but you can’t run a bigger business that way,” said Daniel Long, founder and managing director at Clearabee. “BigChange’s JobWatch system has been a game changer, enabling us to run a really efficient back office and be super organised with quite a small staff body.”

Clearabee uses JobWatch to schedule routes and dispatch the most appropriate and cost-effective trucks to new jobs. Full details of each job are provided to the driver on their on-board BigChange computer. Its small back office team is able to track progress and access a complete audit record for compliance processes. Drivers compile their daily vehicle pre-use check and job specific worksheets using the BigChange computer, providing real time updates on the contents and capacity of each truck and removing the need to return to base to file paperwork.”

“JobWatch ensures our systems and processes are as efficient as possible, which means we can offer our services at a more competitive price and continue to deliver great customer service,” said Long. “We are able to plan two or three jobs in advance. The tracking and reporting functionality means we don’t need to speak directly with our drivers. The business can effectively run itself for a few hours.”

Clearabee leading a revolution waste
management with JobWatch

Expansion plans

Over the next 12 months, Clearabee intends to treble the size of its fleet and open depots in Scotland and across the south of England. It will continue to rely on BigChange’s JobWatch system to underpin its ambitious growth plans.

“We are looking to add another 10 trucks to our fleet over the next 12 months, which will inevitably create new challenges associated with scheduling jobs, managing our mobile workforce and maintaining compliance records across the fleet,” added Long.

“The simplicity and scalability of JobWatch has given us the confidence to expand our operation quickly as we know we can stay in complete control of our fleet processes.”

“BigChange plays a central role in everything we do. It supports our aggressive expansion plans and its responsive development team is already working on enhancements we’ve suggested that will benefit all users of the system.”

Cost consideration

As a new business, and with costs being a major consideration for both domestic and commercial customers, Clearabee needed to run as efficiently as possible. It couldn’t afford to spend thousands of pounds on bespoke system development.

“There are plenty of companies providing vehicle tracking services, but none that could provide the additional elements that we required at such a compelling price. BigChange provides an out-of-the-box system that works very well. It did everything we wanted in a cost effective and highly affordable way,” added Long. “It pretty much pays for itself as we don’t need to provide our drivers with mobile phones.”