1-Fleet Alliance comes to an agreement with Tele2 to use their connectivity services across Europe

The 1-Fleet Alliance, a European alliance of telematics providers, has come to an agreement with Tele2 AB in order to use the IoT services of the operator across all Europe, through the 17 alliance members.

This innovative agreement proves the strength of the 1-Fleet Alliance, active with more than 400.000 connected units, making it the 2nd biggest European player in the telematics market.

Tele2 competed with nine other connectivity service providers during the selection of this European-wide tender: “This provider’s flexible approach and its management platform, combined with its attractive pricing and experience in working with a number of 1-Fleet Alliance members, were amongst the key reasons for selecting Tele2. On top of that, Tele2 IoT provided outstanding customer support during the trial and testing phase” says Tiago Borges, Inosat Co-Founder and CEO, on behalf of the 1-Fleet Alliance.

During the three-year contract with Tele2, the 1-Fleet Alliance expects to grow the number of new vehicles operating in Europe by 100,000 units per year.

Rami Avidan, Managing Director at Tele2 IoT, comments: “This win is a recognition of the strength of Tele2’s technology offer and of our flexible business model, able to adapt to the needs of our partners by providing a range of different services. Tele2 has built a strong reputation by working with a number of telematics service providers over the years, including some 1-Fleet Alliance members, an experience that has given us a deep understanding of the needs of this sector. This agreement has been possible also thanks to the partnership with Sisteer we announced some time ago, and it shows that our cooperation is really able to generate value, for both customers, partners and Tele2”.

This partnership will be highly beneficial for both parties: a real win-win. The 1-fleet Alliance members got exceptional conditions impossible to be reached as individual companies, and, on the other side, Tele2 both got an important reference in the IoT market and expects to activate 150.000 new sim cards over the next 3 years.


About 1-Fleet Alliance:

1-Fleet Alliance is a European association that represents key industry players in the Telematics Fleet Management Solutions industry. The alliance’s primary aim is to create a collaborative environment where knowledge sharing will lead to innovation promotion, economies of scale generation and the development of the TFMS industry ecosystem. 1-telematics.com

About Tele2:

Tele2 AB is a major European telecommunications operator, with about 14 million customers in 9 countries. It serves as a fixed-line telephone operator, cable and Digital television provider, mobile phone operator, IoT and Internet service provider.