By a group of Telematics Fleet Management Experts

1-Telematics Alliance is a group of European companies, strongly connected by common interests and interdependent relationships.

Who we are

Pioneers in the Telematics Fleet Management solutions market we are focused on B2B segment, our companies offer solutions developed to answer the most demanding customers across all industries.


A European footprint is undoubtedly a competitive factor and a guarantee of quality in the service offered to our customers, our success is sustained by a global strategy definition, deployed locally headed by the organization leaders, which are personally committed.

Having a European reach with local know how, our diversity is our biggest strength, each of the 1-Fleet Alliance members knows deeply the market they impact and we all commit in maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Trust, integrity and excellence underpin our alliance that is why all our members are submitted to a rigorous scrutiny that verifies finances, operations, technology and service quality, ensuring that every member will contribute significantly to maintain the highest standards of quality.

16 European companies

+ 403 000 TFMS units in operation

100% B2B

27% growth YoY

+150 Field and Inside Sales Reps

+1500 Installers Network

+24 000 B2B Customers

17 Vehicles in average per customer

1-Fleet Alliance is committed with an exceptional client service and a sustainable operation

What we do

Coopetition, the neologism that gave form to our idea, cooperative competition, is our concept, which we reify in:

  • Collaboration around new business and revenue generation
  • Benchmarking of key performance indicators
  • Common R&D projects
  • Group Purchases
  • Industry development
Value Proposition

Expertise in TFMS and European reach with local know-how, are the guarantee that 1-Fleet Alliance will be able to:

  • Offer the best telematics fleet management solution
  • Offer it with the best value for money
  • Use our extended network of installers and sales people to provide a service of excellence (technical support) across Europe
  • Cooperate to answer trans-European demand
Our range of solutions

Telematics is our passion, we use our expertise to improve our customers businesses. We help managers to know, understand and successfully manage their field teams and resources, by providing in real time the relevant management information that enables the decision making process, impacting our stakeholders, our communities and the environment.

In business success doesn´t just happen, it needs to be cultivated, 1-Fleet Alliance members share knowledge and technologies trough more than 100 R&D engineers that work together with the aim of delivering exceptional solutions.

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Telematics Fleet Management


Route optimization

Driver performance

Lonely workers

Tachograph integration, Eco-driving

Connected navigation-Services Management

Insurance Telematics


Toll Management

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150 TFMS Units

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220 TFMS Units

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400 TFMS Units

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1500 TFMS Units

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