“We have seen real benefits since joining the Alliance. We share best practice in the industry with the other members, we are experiencing better buying and negotiating power and we are exploring some joint research and development projects.“

Andrew Fleury , Managing Director and Co-Founder at Transpoco

“As a member of the 1-Fleet Alliance Axtech has the opportunity to, together with companies with similar experiences, exchange ideas and grow the market.”

Asa Eklund, CEO at Axtech AB

“Membership in 1-Fleet Alliance has brought us many tangible benefits – a purchasing power resulting from economies of scale, common marketing activities on the European markets, as well as deeper understanding of the dynamics of the market and changing customers needs.”

Andrzej Kalupa, Member of the Board at frameLOGIC

“We learned a lot from the 1-Fleet Alliance members and I hope we also provided some interesting insights.”

Claudiu Suma, CEO at SafeFleet

“Joining the Alliance has given us the opportunity to reach a wider market.  By combining our strengths, customers can now benefit from leading edge, end-to-end fleet management solutions.”

Joe Fenech Conti, CEO at Loqus

“At CVS Mobile we believe together, we are better, stronger and smarter.As a member of the Alliance we are experiencing improved purchasing power, benefits from common marketing activities and sharing of knowledge, experiences and ideas among Alliance members.”

AlesLikar, CEO at CVS Mobile Inc.

“I am looking forward to working with a team of like minded entrepreneurs who are passionate in growing their businesses. Many of the leaders in the alliance are long standing friends of mine, so I know their pedigree and commitment to relationships that are built on trust.”

Martin Port, Founder and CEO, BigChange Apps


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