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The remote management of vehicles and land resources is an essential management tool. Locster offers expert solutions.

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About Locster

Locster is a provider of GPS tracking solutions based in France. The company operate for all types of business customers from the small and mid-sized customers to the large ones.

With more than 10 years history and approximately 50 000 vehicles and assets served, Locster is the 4th telematics provider for the French market.

Since 2014, Locster is a 100% subsidiary of Abcom Group, a European French based group specialized in the telecom cloud services and M2M (machine to machine).

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We believe that best telematics solutions are the simplest and the most intuitive ones.

Locster is your business co-pilot!

Telematics Fleet Management Solution

Telematics Solutions

Locster offers telematics fleet management solutions that cover 3 types of needs:

  • Locster Trace: to simply track business vehicles
  • Locster Geo-security: to secure business vehicles as well as business assets
  • Locster Fleet: to manage company local fleets in order to improve productivity and customer satisfaction
Unique Features

Locster delivers telematics fleet management services as SaaS (software as a service solutions) with an intuitive front end.


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